Virtual Clay in the Real World
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And… ClayAR did not win the Qualcomm AR Challenge. (Duh, it’s niche, even though this particular crazy developer-scientist believes it’s the start to a new world order where anyone can create their stuff anywhere and then 3d print it on the spot, to take it into real life.)

But, some really neat apps made it through the contest. Here is Qualcomm’s AR Contest Compilation video.

I’m still zinging from one-too-many Cosmo’s from the #RSAC parties attending incognito under my YC alias. There’s supposed to be that “oh, no, there goes another contest,” but I just have this wow feeling at the winning apps. Paulius’ Paparazzi makes me totally ROFL – such a riot!! <3

ClayAR is briefly demo’d at 1:40 of the “Compilation video.”

And, on the future of ClayAR… Dunno. Stay tuned!

ClayAR shows up briefly in the last few seconds of the Qualcomm AR Developer Challenge Video (1:10). Hooray for my humble ClayAR!