Virtual Clay in the Real World
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11/5 Update – ClayAR v0.006SE2 now *finally* with pen pressure support! Click on the paint icon to toggle build menu, click the B-temp button to toggle expanded view. Select push or pull (currently, the blank buttons). See the strength slider wobble as you sculpt with varying strengths!

11/3 Update – ClayAR v0.006SE with (some) icon’s NOW available for download

N.B. Old users, the mode icons show on the current mode (not the other way around). Save is only enabled when you authorize your device (for the folks who don’t want me tracking their devices.)

So, this old nearly-abandoned project is brought back to life(-ish) again thanks to HTC! It’s been really exciting to see how precision “touch” mesh manipulation is possible through a smaller touch point from a stylus!

Note: this is a prerelease available for temp download. Working on the final version’s icons and screen size considerations.

Beyond sculpting… this version includes mesh painting! And fun global operations.

  • Edit Mode – pinch in/out to change brush size
    • Paint mode options let you choose colors to paint!
    • Sculpt mode options (coming soon) show different ways to sculpt the clay!
    • Toggle between these modes…
  • View Mode – pinch in/out to zoom the mesh
    Global Manipulations – Select an option, then use the slider to select strength of manipulation

    1. Stretch in X Y Z directions
    2. Quadrify
    3. Twist

New way to rotate the clay: two-finger twist, with thumb stationary, and index finger rotating.

Note – the ICONS are UGLY (for now)

With HTC Pen Support (a defunc menu shows up when you press the bottom button of the HTC Scribe Pen)!