Virtual Clay in the Real World
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ClayAR v0.002 on iPhone 4

ClayAR v0.002 on iPhone 4

Thanks to SV IGDA setting a deadline of Weds the 16th for a booth demo space for nusoy, I’ve finally shoo’d away my procrastination to put in another weekend’s worth of work to release ClayAR v0.002 (Lite v0.2).

Device Endpoints

New features:

  • “New” button actually loads a new mesh – with choice of starter mesh! (pending v0.003)
    • Single color button backgrounds (rather than with indentation)
    • Strength slider is now wider and easier to use…
    • Strength slider allows text entry
    • Info/Help overlay button now in Menu, rather than in edit/view modes
  • User Login – Also has a “Just let me create now!” button, but all meshes here will be public. – v0.003 Pending
  • Load Panel – Pagination! – v0.003 Pending
  • Multi Mesh – v0.003 Pending
  • Mirror – v0.003 Pending
  • MacroMesh Operation: Stretch XYZ
  • Accelerometer-based AR
  • non-Snapdragon phone support, iOS support!

Lots more to come in a rather multiversioned roadmap including either multimesh or zBrush-like zSpheres (ARSpheres?) and displacement map painting

In other news, nusoy now has an AR app up in the Android marketplace — it’s just for the SVIGDA event, serving augmented reality sushi and a bowl of nusoy. It’s currently available for Snapdragon-phones only, and you’d need to point your phone at the yosunnusoy marker on my Macbook Pro to get the AR sushi to show. (For those more knowing of Ina Centaur’s legacy on SL, the sushi came from Inachi!)

Semi-specular QuickHead on Wasabi Ricestick
Semi-specular QuickHead Man on Wasabi Ricestick

clayarq” marks the first release of ClayAR.
ClayAR Pro v0.001, ClayAR Lite v0.1
Milestone for public release is v1.0


  • Basic multi-touch sculpting capabilities
    • Edit Mode: Zoom in/out to change brush size. Drag slider to change strength. Touch to sculpt.
    • View Mode: Zoom in/out to scale clay. Touch and drag to rotate.
  • Materials change (locally)
    • Shiny White
    • zBrush-Modo Specular Grey
  • UUID-based SQL file system on cloud
    • Save Button generates www-.obj file display. (Downloaded file will have filename based on whatever is entered in filename box.)
    • Snap Buttons save intermediate states for later retrieval during session. (Stored to cloud – for web portal retrieval after session.)
  • Create and Load .obj files
  • Help pane

The basic features are there, but there’s still lots more ahead. If you find any oddity, type in “DebugMePlz” into the filename box