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ClayAR v0.002 (Lite v0.2)

3/16/2011 ClayAR v0.002 is finally out… in an early private beta.

Bug caveats – View mode zoom in/out may cause perceptual freezes, and ARCam on Snapdragon device toggle from reg cam to ARCam crashes. iPad accelerometer weirdness in auto-rotate.

You will only need an AR marker if you are using the .apk compiled for a Android Qualcomm Snapdragon phone (on such a device, of course). I’ll be integrating support for AR toolkits for other devices sometime in the future.

New features:

  • “New” button actually loads a new mesh – with choice of starter mesh! (pending v0.003)
    • Single color button backgrounds (rather than with indentation)
    • Strength slider is now wider and easier to use…
    • Strength slider allows text entry
    • Info/Help overlay button now in Menu, rather than in edit/view modes. iOS devices access menu by pressing the “i” button on top right corner
  • User Login – Also has a “Just let me create now!” button, but all meshes here will be public. – v0.003 Pending
  • Load Panel – Pagination! – v0.003 Pending
  • Multi Mesh – v0.003 Pending
  • Mirror – v0.003 Pending
  • MacroMesh Operation: Stretch XYZ
  • Accelerometer-based AR with XYZ locks
  • non-Snapdragon phone support, iOS support!

Lots more to come in a rather multiversioned roadmap including either multimesh or zBrush-like zSpheres (ARSpheres?) and displacement map painting… Materials and Lighting lab. (Easy on Unity!)

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