Virtual Clay in the Real World
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ClayAR v0.002b will… VERY SOON… be officially on the app store for iPad. After tweaking a few UI sizes, I’m finding that I can actually create some nice goblets and some interesting zbrush porcupine orc-ish characters… even at 4 am in the morning.

Thinking of releasing it as ClayAR Lite Preview. Two things that are relatively straight-forward to implement to turn this into a free app with in-app payments:

  • There will be a tutorial mode that’s kind of like GuitarHero for sculpting… Learn to draw (sculpt) “step by step” by first pressing here, and then here, and then here. Users might be able to submit their own “tutorial mode recipes” to share how to create certain sculpts.
  • in-app “marketplace” where people can exchange their creation.
  • thinking about charging per .obj download uuid save on the cloud…

(Numbering might actually be v0.003)

The big caveat so far is that I still haven’t figured out what’s making these ARM processors die whenever I try to apply localscale operations dynamically per frame. It works quickly on non-ARM-based lowend devices like my first gen netbook’s (single core Intel Atom oldstuffs).

ClayAR Lite will have (at least) 10 major releases before its 1.0 launch. Versioning starts at 0.1

ClayAR Pro will have around 30 releases before its 1.0 launch. Versioning starts at 0.001. The first ten versions are expected to be released with corresponding Lite numberings with a division factor of 100, i.e., Pro v0.00n corresponds to Lite v0.n – this will include the core functionality of ClayAR. In addition to being able to submit content to the marketplace, the pro version will have a substantial amount of highend tools that makes this app comparable to a desktop digital sculpting tool.

Version History

  • 20110114 Lite v0.1, Pro v0.001