Virtual Clay in the Real World
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Semi-specular QuickHead on Wasabi Ricestick
Semi-specular QuickHead Man on Wasabi Ricestick

clayarq” marks the first release of ClayAR.
ClayAR Pro v0.001, ClayAR Lite v0.1
Milestone for public release is v1.0


  • Basic multi-touch sculpting capabilities
    • Edit Mode: Zoom in/out to change brush size. Drag slider to change strength. Touch to sculpt.
    • View Mode: Zoom in/out to scale clay. Touch and drag to rotate.
  • Materials change (locally)
    • Shiny White
    • zBrush-Modo Specular Grey
  • UUID-based SQL file system on cloud
    • Save Button generates www-.obj file display. (Downloaded file will have filename based on whatever is entered in filename box.)
    • Snap Buttons save intermediate states for later retrieval during session. (Stored to cloud – for web portal retrieval after session.)
  • Create and Load .obj files
  • Help pane

The basic features are there, but there’s still lots more ahead. If you find any oddity, type in “DebugMePlz” into the filename box