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Multifinger Idea from BeMyApp 3 Weeks Later

Posted by Ina Centaur in Reflections

Met up with some old team mates from the SaveMyCar Judges’ Choice Awards and other folks from BeMyApp. Also got to know some of them a bit better. It’s generally rare to find people at these hackathons working on apps I know (and use!) so, surprisingly, there was this guy from ShopKick who quit his job the day of BeMyApp to start his own ultimate photo sharing/organizing portal.

Back to ClayAR… One interesting idea came from Jeff Weitzel, who suggested using more than two fingers for other motifs… On the iPad, 4 fingers let you swipe around in multitask, and three finger’s a crunch. For non-AR view, though, three finger toggle could be useful for switching to camera mode (i.e., pinch in/out to zoom cam, and single-touch to dolly the cam). This is to distinguish from physical manipulations to the mesh in multimode.

  • Three fingers single touch simultaneously toggles on camera mode
  • Three finger swipe left could be undo, Three fingers swipe right could be redo

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